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Before you know it, the DJ has made the announcement that it’s last call at the bar and the final shuttle is leaving in 15 minutes. Your feet hurt from dancing and all you can think about is that Cheesy Gordita Crunch you’re about to smash on the way back to the hotel. Your wedding day has already come and gone. The best day of your life, over in a flash.
It all zooms by, and at the end of it, all you have to look back on to relive this special day and those sweet moments are photos. Invest in something that will bring back those memories.


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Sagebrush Souls






Starting at $2800

Let’s get to know each other + get a little practice in before the big day! By the time you're walking down the aisle, you’ll be a photo pro! Engagement sessions are included in all my packages! 

Complimentary Engagements 

Weddings are a lot. I’m here for you, babe. Need help styling outfits for your engagements? Do you wonder what color florals will make your photos pop? Maybe you’re curious about a first look? Hit me with all the questions. I’m yours. 

Unlimited Communication 

The modern + sleek guest entertainment everyone will love! Photos, GIFs, Boomerangs and even videos! (Hello virtual guestbook!) 

Photo Booth Add On 

A hands on approach to figure out a timeline that allows for all of the photos you want! We can also knock out that family portrait list together too while we’re at it! 

Personalized Day-Of Timeline

This wedding jazz starts adding up QUICK, I get it. I want to make it as easy as I can for you to book! I’m down to let you split your payments up to 4 payments! 

Flexible Payment Options 

I won’t keep you waiting long! I know you’re dying to see! Now your Facebook marriage announcement doesn’t have to be a grainy cell phone pic! 

Next Day Sneak Peeks 

Rhonda made our wedding day so special I absolutely cannot think of a better photographer! -Novalee S

Couldn’t have been happier with Rhonda. She does amazing work and has great attention to detail. I could not recommend her more. -Clint D 

Frequently asked

Prints aren't included in my final delivery. You will receive a customized USB and keepsake box with your images, as well as access to an online gallery and shop where you can pick and choose whatever prints and products you'd like! The online gallery doesn't last forever, so make sure to download them! (Please do not screenshot them, they are Hi-Res images when you download them!)
**PS, here's a reminder not to take your photos to Walmart or Walgreens! **


This will forever be a hard no. But let me explain! There's a huge different between an unedited RAW file and an edited image. I typically underexpose or overexpose and change my in camera settings to help enhance the final outcome in post production. So sending you the RAWs is kind of like sending you the "ugly" part of my photography, and my editing is like the special sauce on top of my documenting skills. 


Engagement sessions you can expect 1-2 weeks after your shoot! As far as wedding photos, you can expect those turned around in the 4-6 weeks following your big day! Also, holla at ya girl. I won't keep you waiting too long, I will deliver a sneak peek in 24 hours. Guaranteed!


Do you offer payment plans?

Your wedding is a day that will only happen once, there's no recreating it. After the day is over, all you will have is the photographs. Photography is something you should spend the money to invest in!  I'm more than happy to offer you a payment to help make help it easier. I know it's a lot of money!

How do i recieve my photos?

Portrait + Engagement sessions are delivered via email to a private online gallery where you can download them directly to your phone/computer + also have access to a shop for prints! Weddings too are delivered online, but I also put them on a wooden USB inside of a customized keepsake box! It's super cute + isn't just another flash drive that will get lost among the office chaos. 


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