It's me, ya girl.


I grew up in a small town where I graduated with only 5 other kids in my class, we all drove pick ups and our weekends were spent around a fire in the woods. You know, the cliche "blink and you might miss it" kind of place you've likely never heard of.
I currently live in Florence, CO but you can find me... all over. I spend most of my time behind the wheel of my Jeep chasing white lines across the state. There's a lot of places I call 'home' and often revisit and shoot at throughout the year. (Chaffee County, Denver, the West Slope to name a few.) 
 On the days I'm not shooting, I'm in the mountains with my boyfriend- camping and tearing it up in the RZR, hitting the gym or cuddled up at home with our two cats (Brap and Grover.)  I'm known for being the girl with long lashes and all of the tattoos. I'm an Enneagram 3w4 and  I'm 5'1" tall on a good day.
- PS these little boys are my nephews ❤️

Hey Gang,
I'm Rhonda Batchelor!


Early mornings
Driving slow
Wine that tastes like wine
These gas prices 🥲
Dance floor farts
Long TSA lines
Jeep Gladiators 
Milk bath photos
Milk, in general
"My forever wedding date" 🤢


Jalapeño poppers
Floral print anything
Candlelit rooms + fresh flowers
A good Chelada 
Alpen Glow
Catching Frogs
Nerd Gummy Clusters
Turnpike Troubadours
Mini m&m's
London fogs

I'm a sucker for: 

London fogs

I don't Really Love:

I'm a sucker for: 

I want you to look back at your gallery and see moments you may have missed during the chaos of the wedding day. I want you to get chills remembering the moment you said "I do." I want you to remember the belly laughs and really embarrassing dance moves you busted out when the DJ played "Get Low." I want you to remember the teary-eyed, lip-quivering, love-filled moments spent with your closest people. I want you to remember exactly the way you felt, the day you married your best friend, each and every time you see your photos.

Purely, undoubtedly, you. 

MY GOAL IS TO GIVE YOU A gallery that feels like you.

I'm a huge believer in not only preparation, but organization. And as a wedding pro it's super important to me to make sure I give you more than just pretty photos. I'm here to make sure you go into your big day feeling confident and knowing that everything is taken care of. With me we'll take care of the leg work ahead of time so that you get to be fully present and get to actually enjoy your wedding. With that being said, I offer lots of guidance throughout the entire planning process, even if it extends a bit beyond my lens. 

My PROCESS IS SIMPLE, EASY + stress free

I'm there for you every step of the way, babe! 

I'm here to do more than just show up and snap pictures. I'm going to give you bomb ass photos and make sure don't feel like just another client. I've cut back on the number of weddings I take each year so that I can ensure you get the incredible experience you deserve. After booking, I can promise I will invest back into you just as much as you've invested into me.

I help with everything from style guides and location scouting, to structuring custom timelines and even finding other vendors! Chances are this is your first time doing this, and navigating the wedding industry to figure out how to actually make the dream wedding you envision a reality can be really overwhelming.

I'm here to make thing easier. 

What makes me stand out?

The kind you love so much you can't decide to share first. The ones you can't stop going back to look at. The ones you want to print and hang all over your house. 

1. Killer Wedding Photos

I love my job + I believe it's a huge honor to be trusted to capture a day so special. You only get one shot to do this, so I want to do everything in my power to make sure you know that when you book me, you've made the right choice!

2. A photographer that cares

Dying to see your wedding photos? I know it! That's why I make sure to get you a sneak peek within 24hrs! (Don't you dare change your FB relationship status to married until you get these back!! 😉) 

3. Next Day Highlights

No 5-7 business day wait time to get an answer around here. You can text or email and expect to hear back from me within 24hrs! There's nothing worse than being left on the hook. 

4. Prompt Communication

I know there are so many little details that you pour your heart into for your wedding. It's my job to make sure they don't go unnoticed! 

5. Attention To Detail

"But we're so awkward in front of the camera." Heard that. You probably don't get your photo taken often and I get it. I'm here to make you feel relaxed in front of the camera; to feel comfortable being your true self.

6. Zero Pressure

With me you can expect:

- Katie W

"She is very responsive and professional. She managed to take amazing family photos for our family of two hungry toddlers and a newborn baby. They cried almost the whole time and you wouldn’t even know looking at the shots she got! She was quick at getting our pictures back to us even with a busy schedule and her website is super easy to use and access."

"Rhonda is one of the best photographers I have ever had the chance to work with."

- Hope B

"Rhonda took my senior pictures, and I recently did another session, and she did not disappoint! I wouldn’t recommend another photographer! Rhonda is the best in the business, and it shows in the quality of her photos and service!"

"Rhonda goes above and beyond to make sure that she gets the sentiments in each picture!"

- Alyssa M

"She is so sweet, so kind and so excited to be there! She had amazing ideas and is so creative. Not to mention, her editing style is stunning."

"Rhonda is the best!!"

- Novalee S

"Rhonda made our wedding day so special I absolutely cannot think of a better photographer!"

- Anita K

"Her talent, dedication, and professionalism are obvious."