We're probably going to
become good pals
meet your
Xx, rhonda batchelor

l come from a small town. You know, the cliche "blink and you might miss it" kind of place you've likely never heard of. I graduated with 6 kids in my class, Yes, 6! And not to brag, but I was top 5 of my class.😉 We all drove pickups and our weekends were spent around a fire in the woods. And although life looks a little different these days, I'm still a small town girl through and through. 

I've bounced around a bit since high school. From the West Slope, to Denver, to Salida, I now call Florence, CO home. But I'm always on the go. You can find me... all over. I spend most of my time behind the wheel of my Jeep chasing white lines across the state (approximately 40k miles a year to give ya an idea) and catchin' flights to new places. I love to travel. And I'll love you if you bring me somewhere I haven't been before!

In my free time outside of weddings and sessions, I'm usually in the mountains camping, drinkin' Bud Light Cheladas and tearing it up in the RZR, golfing, hitting the gym or scouring Pinterest for our next home-remodeling project. And if you enjoy any of these things too, I bet we can be friends, 

I'm rhonda! And I think it's important to give you some insight into who you're hiring. so, allow me to introduce myself...

what's cracka-lackin?

i have 2 cats. brap & Grover

no. 6

i always splurge on hotels

no. 5

sucker for anything floral

no. 4

big turnpike troubadour fan

no. 3

my go-to drink is a chelada

no. 2

I love catching frogs

no. 1

fun  facts

This First pic is john. the loml, my cat daddy. the hunk i get to call my bf. and here's a few other photos to give you a peek into my life. 

grab your future client's attention with a favorite quote that shows off your you-ness!

- Katie W

"Rhonda is one of the best photographers I have ever had the chance to work with! She is very responsive and professional. She managed to take amazing family photos for our family of two hungry toddlers and a newborn baby. They cried almost the whole time and you wouldn’t even know looking at the shots she got! She was quick at getting our pictures back to us even with a busy schedule and her website is super easy to use!

- Connie C

She has a gift for capturing the essence of a person. I feel like she captured the real me. It was such a wonderful time spent with Rhonda! She brings out the “model you always wanted to be” and wow, I loved my photos!! Such a wonderful eye, using the breeze we were lucky to have and the sun setting behind us, amazing results!! She has a gift for capturing the essence of a person because I feel she truly captured the real me!! If you want the best here she is!!

- Samantha K

When I got engaged I knew one of my most important investments was going to be a photographer, and Rhonda delivered! She is so easy to work with and has a serious eye for details! Our engagement photos and wedding photos are so amazing! I look at them all the time! When I was stumped and stressed about my timeline, she met up with me and brought coffee and helped me make a timeline that ended up working so well. She is seriously the best of the best and I would recommend her a hundred times over! 

little love notes

No 5-7 business day wait time to get an answer around here. You can text or email and expect to hear back from me within 24hrs! There's nothing worse than being left on the hook. 

prompt communication

Dying to see your wedding photos? I know it! That's why I make sure to get you a sneak peek within 24hrs!
(Don't you dare change your FB relationship status to married until you get these back!! 😉)

next day highlights

I love my job + I believe it's a huge honor to be trusted to capture a day so special. You only get one shot to do this, so I want to do everything in my power to make sure you know that when you book me, you've made the right choice!

A photog that cares.
a lot.

The kind you love so much you can't decide to share first. The ones you can't stop going back to look at. The ones you want to print and hang all over your house.

Killer wedding photos

what you can expect with me

i'm big on organization &
even bigger on keepin' it simple

I'm a huge believer in not only preparation, but organization. And as a wedding pro, it's super important to me to make sure I give you more than just pretty photos.  It's my mission to ensure that you go into your big day feeling confident and knowing that everything is taken care of. I offer lots of guidance throughout the entire planning process, even if it extends a bit beyond my lens. Not only will you have unlimited access to me, but I'll give you tons of tools to guide you to having the wedding of your dreams. 

I can promise I will invest back into you just as much as you've invested into me. I know your  dollar is hard-earned and your time is valuable, so I want to take some weight off your shoulders so that you can focus on the more important things. I'll provide you with style and location guides to make planning your engagement sesh feel effortless and more like just a date night. Heck, I'll even bring your fav beer! And after booking I'll send over my 75 page wedding guide that's packed with all my best tips, tricks and industry secrets. I'll even create your timeline for you! Chances are this is your first time doing this, and trying to figure out how to actually make the dream wedding you envision a reality can sometimes be really overwhelming. But I got you. I'll make it easy and fun, just like it should be.  

I'm sold! Book me!