I grew up with a camera in hand, and if you know me in my adult life, that’s still true. What obsession started in elementary school when my Dad lent me his old Kodak camera for a field trip, quickly became the center of my world. As I entered my early teens, I started booking clients. 

Growing up, I hit the jackpot  living on 40+ acres that not only sat at the base of two stunning mountain peaks (The Twin Sisters), but also came "fully loaded" with a spot we called The Bone Yard. The family we rented from had a large array of old trucks, tractors, old derby cars, and even a huge old bus that they collected down there. There was also a number of buildings, barns and what used to be an old saw mill. As a child, this was a dream for the neighbor boys and I. It served as the source of all of our materials for the countless forts we built across the property throughout the years and became the place my business began.

"One man's trash, is another man's treasure," they say. And man, I couldn't agree more. What was mostly junk to them, was everything to me as a new creative. All I saw was a variety of backdrops, buildings, textures, and more or less props. And the best part? No other photographer had access to it. 

Between The Bone Yard, and the neighboring ranch The Triangle W, I had everything I needed. Except, I didn't even have a driver's license yet. Luckily, I was able to convince my Dad to let me borrow his truck to go meet my clients for my shoots. I was only allowed to go as far as the highway to meet them so they could follow me back up the county road to where we'd be shooting. 

Once my business began to grow and I started to book sessions beyond our property, my Dad would have to drive me to my sessions (and so graciously sit and wait around for me to be done.) Fun fact- he drove me to my first few weddings! 

Now not only do I shoot professionally, but I am unapologetically the friend that’s always taking photos. Shamelessly, I have 90K photos in my camera role alone on my phone and my gal pals know they can count on me to have our girl’s night highlights covered. (And the embarrassing, more cringey, “swear you’ll never share these on the internet” kinds of photos too, OF COURSE.) 

I often think about the phrase “These are the good ole days,” and the following thought about how we never truly realize that until the years have come and gone. Taking photos has always been a passion of mine, but this job holds increasingly more value as I’ve gotten older and there’s more and more instances of having “nothing left, but the photo.”


Your colorado

Western Wedding Photographer

Humble Beginnings


I come from a small “blink and you might miss it” kind of town that you’ve likely never heard of. I graduated with six kids in my class. Yep, you read that right, six! And not to brag, but I was Top 5. 😉 We all drove pickups and our weekends were spent around a fire in the woods drinking the cheapest beer we could get our hands on. And although life looks a bit different these days, I’m still a small town girl through and through.

Since high school, I’ve bounced around a bit. From the West Slope, to Denver, back to Salida, to settling down for a few years in Florence, I currently call Colorado Springs home. But, I’m sure you’ll figure out quickly that I am rarely here and usually on the go. I proudly keep the majority of my business in and around Chaffee County! Although the drive sucks, the people and the views don’t. With that being said, ya girl puts about 40k miles a year on the ole Jeep! I love to travel, so yes, of course I will go anywhere that you are! 

However, when the camera is packed away, I’m usually taking advantage of the free time to nap and curled up in bed with my two cats...If I'm being honest. But I also enjoy getting together with my girlfriends for game nights, river floats and Book Club. (Yes, they know I don’t even read the book. They just really like me, okay?)  Every once in a while I’m able to sucker them into a round or two of golf. We also looove parties with a theme. For example we've done: a White Trash Bash, Rhyme Without Reason costume Halloween party,  etc. I personally love hosting and one thing about me, I'm gonna go hard on some snacks and cute decor. (Ask me about Galentine's Day.)

I'm a sucker for flowers and buy a few bundles from Trader Joe's to create my own bouquet each week. I'm a big believer that if you make your bed first thing in the morning, you can conquer the world. I'm on a big Sweet Tart Rope kick and will eat them until my stomach hurts, or I run out- whichever happens first. If I ever won the lottery I'd buy a whole lotta turquoise, Mark Maggiori Paintings and my best friend and I each our own mini Japanese trucks.  

It's called mass confusion. Biscuits and gravy, covered in shredded cheese, green chili, and your choice of eggs on top, sprinkled with chopped bacon.

My usual go-to is
a mule, but if we're catchin' up at a dive bar I'll take a sol chelada (with a straw) please

mostly double checking my spelling and making sure i'm using words correctly. don't lie, you do it too.

People that drive in the fast lane and don't go fast. move bitch, Get out the waaaay.

f - Private vows
m - champagne towers
k- Cotton eyed joe

naps usually, Or how when I make it "big" I'm buying both my bff and i one of those mini japanese trucks



What You can Expect With me

Killer Wedding Photos

The kind you love so much you can't decide to share first. The ones you can't stop going back to look at. 

I love my job + I believe it's a huge honor to be trusted to capture a day so special. there's nothing i take more seriously.

i waste no time Getting some photos back while you're still on that wedding day high! 

There's nothing worse than being left on the hook. no 5-7 business day response time around here. 

A Photog That
Really Cares

Next Day Highlights

Prompt  Communication


From day one, Rhonda was always so kind, patient, and simply the best! She really goes above and beyond to make sure your day is captured perfectly. We were so impressed with her professionalism and prompt responses. Any time we had a question she would be quick to respond which eases any brides anxiety. We loved how she perfectly captured our day and are so proud to show off her beautiful work! She is truly an artist! Our guests at the wedding also enjoyed having her photo booth at our wedding. My favorite thing about her is that she provides a small sneak peak to your photos the very next day, which is perfect! You’re able to share photos on social media while still experiencing the wedding day rush!

-Vania & Jacob

Any time we had a question she would be quick to respond which eases any brides anxiety.

The leg work has been done and you can enjoy your big day completely stress free and be fully present because everything is already taken care of. 

Throughout our time together, one of my biggest goals is to take the weight off your shoulders and handle the majority of the leg work. Not sure what to wear or where to do your engagement session? I’ve got a guide for that. Unsure if a First Look is right for you? I’ll walk you through the options and each of the pros and cons. Timeline stressing you out? Don’t even worry about it, I take care of it for you. Bridesmaid’s nail popped off moments before walking down the aisle? I got nail glue. Feeling overstimulated and need a minute by yourselves? I’ll sneak you back to the bridal suite. DJ having a hard time getting the party going? Best believe I’ll help you fill the dance floor.

Whatever it is, I got you. From booking, I’m ready to be your right hand gal and make this fun, just like it should be. I’m here to offer you guidance, provide resources, and be someone you can bounce ideas off of. I promise to invest back into you just as much as you’ve invested into me. Your time is valuable and your dollar is hard-earned. Let me take the weight off your shoulders so you can enjoy the day you’ve been waiting so long for.  


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