• You're looking for someone who feels more like a friend, and less like an unrelatable professional

  • Someone who will help make this easy & fun (just like it should be)

  • Someone who's going to tell you what to do with your hands

If you don’t know already, I’m here to break the news - your photographer is going to be the vendor you’re going to be spending the most time with on your wedding day. And with that being said, it’s a huge goal of mine to feel more like your big day bff, rather than just a hired vendor. I’ll guide you through the day, capture those sweet mems, and even tell you what to do with your hands. (I promise you’ll never feel like Ricky Bobby.) And the cherry on top of all that? I’m going to be someone who for sure can handle your rough & rowdy crowd.

Because let’s face it.. It’s gonna get western!

I already know why you're here...

And I bet I can read your mind...



Your Search for a western wedding photographer ends here

Hey there,
I'm Rhonda!

I'm Rhonda, and I'm your gal. I can promise that I'll be more than just your shadow with a camera in hand. Not only will I capture those sweet wedding day moments, but I'll be there with a crochet hook in hand when your mother is having a hard time getting those pesky buttons. I'll wrangle those rowdy groomsmen with ease and make sure to get those wedding party photos you want. I'll even help you two sneak off for a quick breather and a moment alone if you start to feel overwhelmed. 




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You've waited a long time for this day, let's not spend the entire time taking photos, yeah?

Bet that's not what you expected to hear from a photographer, right?

I'll preach it time and time again, this day is about you and celebrating your love. And chances are, people have traveled from far and wide to be here to pop the champagne along side you. Go party it up with them, spend time with the person you just married and let me capture those cherished memories with your favorite people as they unfold.  

Around here, I make sure that we'll craft a timeline for a wedding day with equal parts badass photos, and intentional time spent with the people you love most. 


Rhonda was the absolute best “blessing in disguise” for our wedding day! She went above and beyond throughout the whole process and helped me so much with the timeline of our day, and the overall making sure I had my ducks in a row. She sent me the sneak peek the same night, and they were absolutely amazing! Every single picture in our finished gallery is amazing and the gallery itself is so organized and easy to look through. I would very highly recommend Rhonda to anyone looking for a photographer! She is so much more than a photographer and our wedding would not have been the same without her.

- Sarah & Thompson

"She sent us sneak peeks the same night, and they were amazing"

Ready to capture your love story in a way that feels like you?