wedding & portrait photographer


Help you feel less shy and give you permission to be yourself when you're in front of my camera

Take killer wedding photos, but also be your wedding day sidekick

Give you tips, tools, and resources to help you have the wedding of your dreams

Create a relationship with you that doesn't just feel like a business transaction

Let me: 

Help—help me, Rhonda!  





Make you feel like a natural-born pro and more like you when you're in front of the lens

Do more than just show up on your wedding day and snap some photos

Go above and beyond to guide you through the wedding planning process

Feel less like some unrelatable professional, and more like a friend

You're here because you're looking for a photographer that is going to:

Let me guess..

Real talk - I'm not interested in being your "wedding day third wheel." To tell ya the truth, I think third wheels are awkward and not something you want following you around all day. I'm here to be more than just a shadow with a camera in hand.

I am here to be  someone who will give you not only a personal experience, but promise to not leave you feeling like ‘just another wedding client.’ I’m here to be someone you can trust with one of the biggest jobs on your biggest days. Someone who will feel less like a third wheel and more like someone who could’ve been in your wedding party. And most of all, someone who will make navigating this beast we call the wedding industry feel easy and fun like it should!!

When you book with me, you’re gonna get some bomb ass photos.
But you’re also signing up for so much more.

A little bit of an unpopular opinion...

Let me put a face to
my name...

I'm Rhonda, and I'm your girl

- Brittany N

"Oh my goodness! I was recommended to Rhonda by a friend who used her for her wedding and I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer! My husband and I struggled to find a photographer that didn’t just stick us in uncomfortable statue poses, we are both just too awkward for that! Rhonda got us out of our comfort zones for the most amazing pictures never making us feel like statues! It was amazing how patient and kind she was."

"She got us out of our comfort zones & never left us feeling like statues!"

- Connie C

"I feel like she captured the real me. It was such a wonderful time spent with Rhonda! She brings out the “model you always wanted to be” and wow, I loved my photos!! Such a wonderful eye, using the breeze we were lucky to have and the sun setting behind us, amazing results!! She has a gift for capturing the essence of a person because I feel she truly captured the real me!! If you want the best here she is!!"

"She has a gift for capturing the essence of a person."

- Bea E

"Rhonda was so helpful throughout the beginning stages of planning and had lots of insight and great forms on her website to help work through wedding details. On our wedding day, she was so attentive and had a great vision of what the day was going to look like. Would recommend her and her work over and over again, you will not be disappointed!"

"She had lots of insight and great forms to help work through wedding details."

- Riley S

"We were chasing the sun for our photoshoot and she stood in the rain and took the most beautiful pictures of my husband and I. And the pictures turned out AMAZING!!!! 10/10 would and do recommend her."

"Rhonda always goes the
extra mile!"